Saturday, March 20, 2010

Separatist demands..A Serious Threat to National Integrity.....

Recently, I was devastated with the acts of some un-employed politicians trying to
destroy the sheer integrity of India.
Instead of involving in ways to unite people, these mindless and selfish politicians
find different ways to ignite passions in the people in the name of region, religion, caste and language.
We, responsible citizens of the great nation, shall arise and try to stop this
irresponsible behavior inorder to protect the great national integrity which was possible because of
sacrifices by 1000000000000000000000000000s of our ancestors.

Here are the main reasons why there is NO need for separate Telangana State, which
has been the source of agitations and bandhs in southern India :

1) CAPITAL : The capital of state resides in the heart of Telangana region. There was no other state that was ever
formed with this state. So, it is utterly non-sense to seperate a region where the country's 5th metro is residing which
is quickly emerging as international city.
What about so-far districts like Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram and Chittor ?

2) Development : Telangana region is already well developed compared to both Coastal andhra and Rayala seema.
Because Captial Hyderabad is in Telangana, 3-4 districts close to Hyderabad (like Medak, Ranga reddy, Nalgonda)
were heavily developed industrially.
Infact, majority of industries (IT, BT, Central Govt, Defence, Banking, Sports, Pharma all lie only in Telangana region)
So, lack of development is a non-sensical reason to give Telangana state.
Even if it is, every part of India has some undeveloped areas. Does it mean, we keep splitting
India to 1000 or more states just saying that 1-2 districts are undeveloped.
Wake up politicians, it is time to "develop", not to fool people saying that seperate state would suddenly solve all the problems.

3) So-called Identity or Self-respect :
When the separatists are faced with facts about development with clear cut figures, they often raise this point of
"Telangana identify", "Telangana Self-respect" or "dialect/accent is different" whatever.
This is totally irresponsible on their part to raise the issue of self-respect. This is against the whole concept of
national integrity. This is a cruel realty. Here is the reason why...
In India there are 100s of languages, 1000s of dialects/accents, 10000s of group identities and 1000000+ reasons for division !!!
In fact, when great Mr. Vallabhai Patel integrated India after Independence, he collapsed 500+ individual groups and
merged them to India to form a single core entity. Those identifies die then and there itself.
Country's integrity comes first. Stop digging the past. As an educated and civilized society, we must look forward how to
live together and prosper together. Not, how to separate us from rest of the India in any special way.
Even though, they are calling for a separate state, this simple mis-behavior is not to be tolerated.
States are already formed based on language decades ago.
People have been living very peacefully for all these years.
So, division based on "self-respect", has no place in civilized world and too bad for integrity of India.
Because, if we start accepting these baseless demands, we must make India 1000+ states.

4) Jobs stolen
This is another baseless claim spread by separatists.
Again, their aim is to ignite people's emotions and agitate them to blindly support their political ambitions.
So, it is easy to ignite people saying that "See your job is stolen by some XYZ. I will stop this, support me !!"
But, still lets look at what it is..
Govt jobs : These jobs are already well regulated with local and zonal quotas. So, there is no question here.
Private jobs : Private industy has NO regional sentiments ! They only select individuals based on their talent,
not where they are born ! For example, why IT sector only cherished in cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad ?
Why not in Bihar or UP ? Only because, there is talented pool available to serve. There is no private industry
that says : I like only people from Bangalore or Hyderabad. That is very narrow-minded thinking that
separatists always exercise in propelling people's emotions.

By the way, due to extensive infrastructure available in Hyderabad, lot of private sector jobs exist.
All citizens across from the State (and infact anyone from whole country or world) can come and work if there is an opportunity.
Where there are opportunities, talented folks migrate if there is a need of them.
This is the only reason why we have so many Indians and Chinese working in USA and Europe. They are not
stealing any jobs from anyone else. It is all per need base. So, no one steals any one else' job in private sector.
Come on, we have to make this selfish politicians educate on this.

5) Infrastructure
For the past few decades, most of the money from Budget for infrastructure in AP had been spent in
surrounding areas of Hyderabad (Roads, State/Central Govt. Buildings/Facilities, Fly overs, Bridges, Intl Airport,
Theme parks, Tourism Centers, Sports facilities, Hospitals, Universities, IP parks, SEZs, etc).
So, infrastructure wise, rest of the AP is heavily at disadvantage position.
This is perfectly fine as long as state is together and finally the fruits of development in the capital city gets
spread into other regions.
But, any remote thought of seperate state suddenly brings the rest of the regions of the state into stone ages !!
No clean roads, No MSP hospitals, No Inl Aiports, No State buildings.
So, it would be a blunder to create a seperate state for regions which are nowhere near Capital.

6) Unwanted Water disputes
Water available in Rivers in India today, is already very poorly managed due to complicated issues of State borders, Country borders etc.
We have several water disputes pending between states because of narrow minded local political parties which often forget that
even other state is also part of the same country and we must learn to live together !
When there is real scarcity of water, these disputes get really bad and if not handled properly can easily create issues to National integrity.
Now, consider further states formations like Telangana.
Two rivers Godavari and Krishna flow through Telangana. It gets really complicated in how to divide water rights in such a tightly coupled
regions. Even if we somehow arrive at water rights, how do we enforce them ? If not, we will create two or more regions which becomes
enemies forever threatening the County's national integrity.


Above all, whole Telangana issue is always raised by politically unsatisfied and unemployed and irresponsible
politicians. If one reads and understands the history, this is very very clear.
When politicians from Telangana region are in Power, they dont talk about any poverty or backwardness.
But, when they are out of power, suddely they take these issues to agitate people to their personal political advantage.
For example, Mr. KCR (who says he wants Telangana people to rule their land!) was in power for aorund 17-18 years at
state Govt level. He was very loyal to whoever was in power and infact, a strong supporter of "United Andhra" or combined A.P.
He had every opportunity to do development, if he wants.
He finally came out when he did not get his minister and start campaining that "Telangana region" is backward and
people are betrayed !!!! Betrayed from what ?
He does not care.. All he wants is.. ignite people based on their identities so they blindly vote him. Also, he scares non-locals
with "Raj Thackery" like messages. "non-locals go back, go back"
"go back" where ?This is our country. Every country man has right to live where she/he wants to live.
If there is problem to KCR or Raj Thackery for that, they shall be imprisoned immediately to try to disturb the unity of the county.

Taking a simple stance would resolve this conflict and avoids several conflicts in future :
All state formations are complete. NO new states to be formed.
So, stop forming any more states, not only Telangana. Recommend/Ask selfish politicians to stop from messing around with National integrity and just concentrate and contribute for their region's growth and development.

That would allow all businessmen, country lovers and common man sleep well at night and look for a bright future instead of
disturbances created by selfish politicians.

Having said that, I am not against any Telanagana !! Infact, I am for Telangana, Rayala Seema and Coastal Andhra, Karnataka,
Gujarath, Bihar, U.P. and whole India, for that matter.
I have 100s of very good friends from all the regions including Telangana and I am sure the true spirit of National integrity to be seen
in my opinion and we all tries to find ways to "live and prosper together and keep national interests on top". We must learn to do that, no matter what.

Jai Hind!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

నాకు తెలవక అడుగుతా..ఏంది ఈ గోల ..!?

గత రెండు నెలలుగా రాష్ట్రంలో నరక యాతన అనుభవిస్తున్న
సామాన్యుడు ఆకలి గొంతుతో, ఆవేధనతో మన దౌర్భాగ్యపు "ప్రజా" సేవకులను
ఇలా నిలదీస్తున్నాడు..

అరె ఏంది రా భై ఈ లొల్లి..నా చావునకు వచ్చినది ?
పోద్దస్తామాను ఈ బంధులేంది, ఈ లొల్లి ఏంది ?
కాయకష్టం చేసి బ్రతికేటోల్లం..మేమేం కావాలి. ఏడికి పోవాలి ?

అయినా నాకు తెలవక అడుగుతా.. దేనిగురించి ఈ లొల్లి ?
ప్రత్యేక రాష్ట్రమంటే ఏంది రా భై ? సమైఖ్యాంధ్ర అంటే ఏంది రా భై ?
మన గురజాడ సార్ ఏషిణ ప్రశ్న మల్లెస్తున్నా...
"దేశమంటే ఏంది ? మట్టా ? మనుషులా?" ? జరా చెప్పుండ్రి ?
నాయకులు మస్తుగా పైసలు తిని చక్కంగా చలి కేంద్రం లలో గూచోనీ బందు గింద్ లాంటుర్రు ..
నాకు రెక్కాడితే గాని డొక్క ఆడదు. నేను ఎప్పుడైనా యాదికి వచినాన్రా మీకు ?

అయినా నాకు తెలవక అడుగుతా..ఏంది మైకులు బట్టి తెగ పేల్తున్నారు..?
నాలికలు కోస్తామంటుర్రు. అందుకేనేరా మీరు జీతాలు జీతాలు దీసుకోనేటిది ?
హైదరాబాద్ నీదానాదా అని వాగులాడుతుర్రు.. ఇంకా మింగనికి ఉన్నాదిర ?
అస్సల్ కూలికి పోలేకా, తిండి లేక నేను చస్తుంటీ .. ఏన్దిరా ఈ గోల ?

కొడుకుల్లారా "గాంధీ" పిత యాదికినా మీకు ? ఆయనేం చెప్పిండు ?
నేనే మీకు ప్రభువు, దేవత, అన్న, అయ్యా, దేవుడు అన్నీ.
నేను కష్ట పడి సంపాదించి కట్టిన టేక్సు డబ్బులతోనే మీరు ఉండేటిది.
ఎరుకైనాది ర ?

అవున్రా నాకు తెలవక అడుగుతా.. మీరు రోజూ కొలువుకు వోరా ?
మొన్న ఎల్లచ్చాన్న్లప్పుడు వచ్చి నేను అస్సెమ్బ్లే కి పోతా పార్లమేంటి కి పోతా నంటే
సర్లే పోండీ అని పంపించిని గదా ?
మళ్ళీ ఈ లొల్లి ఏంది రా ? మీరు అక్కడే గూచోని పని చేయ్యుర్రి.
నన్ను కూడా జరా పని చేయ్యనీరి. లేక పొతే మీ కూడు గుడ్డ గూడ ఖతమైతాయ్..
సమజైనాదిరా ? ఏడికెల్లి వస్తారో ఏమో నా పేనాలు గుంజనీకి..!

బ్రతికోన్నోల్లను చంపే ఈ బందులు ఆపున్డ్రి.
మీ ప్రభువు.

Friday, August 21, 2009

"పరుగాపక పయనించవె తలపుల నావా....కెరటాలకు తలవంచితే తరగదె త్రోవా !
ఎదిరించిన సుడిగాలిని జయించినావా....మదికోరిన మధు సీమలు వరించి రావా !!"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Democracy at its best..........

I was planning to post on the results of great month long "marathon" elections in India, the largest democracy in the world.

Finally, it was National Congress Party whose centralist agenda brought them back to power in this election. But, the great thing that happenned to India in these elections is the fact that the mandate was very clear and given almost clear majority to the UPA front led by national party Congress. It was an astonishing and shocking defeat to all opportunists and small regional parties that shall be commended. The ever power hungry and manipulative regional leaders like Deve Gowda, Lalu yadav, Paswan, Mayavathi, Mulayam singh, Chiranjeevi, KCR of telangana rashtra samithi, CPI, CPM, Sharad Pawar, Raj Thackery, Jayalalaitha etc. all have taken much deserved blows.

This is a great (almost) unanimous mandate in the country that has (literally) 100s of religions, 1000s of languages, sects and regions. It is heartening to see such a long marathon elections conducted very peacefully by the election commission. While there still some unclean and tainted politicians who got elected to the parliament, the government in next 5 years would be stable and hopefully deliver the things that benefit the people of India.

While L.K.Advani fought hard to bring his right-wing party BJP to was his parties several blunders of succumbing to regional parties and sacrificing their original nationalist agenda that brought mandate against them. The once home minister shamelessely agreed to divide states like Telangana just to agitate people and come back to Power. People are tired off this dividing politics. This is a fitting lesson to all manipulative politicians.

Finally, commend all the brave officials who conducted their duties across the mountains and small rural villages to make this happen...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

నాణ్యమైన జీవనము

నాణ్యమైన జీవనము నల్గురికి ఆదర్శం
స్వార్ధరహిత జీవనమే జీవిత పరమార్ధం ''నా"

నీ కోసం జీవిస్తే నీతోనే సరేసరి
జనం కోసం జీవిస్తే మరణమే లేదు మరి ''నా"

ఆరోగ్యం, ఆనందం కలగలిసిన జీవనాన్ని ఆహ్వానిద్దాం
విలాసవంత విచ్చలవిడి జీవనాన్ని విసర్జిద్దాం ''నా"

ప్రేమ, అభిమానాలను పదిమందికి పంచుదాం
మానవతా విలువలు, ప్రమాణాలు అందరిలో పెంచుదాం ''నా"

. రామకృష్ణంరాజు కలిదిండి

Saturday, April 11, 2009

mesmerizing music performance..Raga kedar.

I came across this great music performance.. Take a ride to the tranquility.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Jai ho..

Several stars from India rocked Academy awards (Oscars) this week. The movie "Slumdog millionaire" bagged 8 Oscars. Rasool, Rahman and Gulzar are on the list of Oscar winners for their personal talents. Also the movie "Smily pinky" won the Oscar in documentary category. Most notably A.R.Rahman, "the music legend of India", won two Oscars for his music scores.
Even though Rahman scored several better scores before, it needed a movie of "Oscar values" to bring him the winning smiles at Los Angeles. There were some useless controversies raised (as always) about the movie. I don't understand why the critics wont see the movie in a cinematic/artistic sense ? All politicians who never cared about poverty in their backyard suddenly gets offended when a movie pops up showing it. Better they spend their energies in eliminating slums rather than creating useless controversies.
We shall all recall Rahman's words at the stage after winning the Oscar : "In my life, I always had a choice between love and hate and I chose love." Great message to the masses from a great legend of our generation.
Jai ho Rahman, Jai ho Bharat.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let Love rule..

Love, any time, is the best expression !
Love, any where, is the best spoken language !!
Love, to anyone, is the best gift !!!
Love, in any market situation, is the best investment !!!! :-)
Love, in any form, is the essense of life.

Love yourself and love everyone...
Happy Valentine's day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

A historic moment....Messiah of hope..

Yes, change has come to America !
In next few hours, we will see a new president in the office of world's oldest democracy :
Barack H. Obama.
47 year old to be the 44th president of USA. He will be the 1st "non-white" to be the president of USA.
Oh boy, what a privilege to witness these historic moments. What an incredible election to follow for last 20-24 months. World witnessed beauty of democracy during the countless debates and discussions to elect an able and eligible politician into America's highest office. The long and historic election campaign between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain further strengthened the foundations of democracy. One has to commend and admire the great vision and mission the country's forefathers had while establishing a truly time-tested constitution and democratic principles in this country.
During campaign, Mr.Obama had been expressing his liberal views and energetic message of change. Some impressive items on his resume : Gifted Speaker, Lawyer, An Author, Basketball player, Community organizer, successful Senator and a great husband and father. Is it not impressive enough ! As a matter of fact, I am proud to be one of his millions of supporters who contributed in their own little ways to bring a tide of change. In the end, the mandate was crystal clear : People need change from the "hard talking", "war mongering" and "crazy spending" government. Hope he would bring some change and reverse the course to bring the much needed liberal balance to the country and to the World.
Of course, there are real challenges ahead waiting for him !
Multiple wars, terrible economy, rising debt, rising unemployment etc. etc.
Lets congratulate Mr. Obama and wish the best for his time in office.
Only time can tell how this "Messiah of hope" delivered.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Never think there is anything impossible...

"Never think there is anything impossible for the soul. It is the greatest heresy to think so. If there is sin, this is the only sin – to say that you are weak, or others are weak."
"Fear is death, fear is sin, fear is hell, fear is unrighteousness, fear is wrong life. All the negative thoughts and ideas that are in the world have proceeded from this evil spirit of fear."

Very special quotes from a very very special monk who once lived on this earth : Swami Vivekananda. Its his birthday tomorrow (12th Jan). What an inspiration his life is. He simplified whole essence of complex Vedanta and inspired millions of souls. Just like the sound of "big-bang" still circling in our universe, spoken words and messages of Swami Vivekananda keep circling and inspiring souls of several generations even after his physical demise. For more on this greatest monk of mankind:

What a fantastic individual with a strong body, sharp mind and an insurmountable spiritual knowledge. Irrespective of your belief and origin, just spend couple of hours reading his life story and his writings, you would appreciate the time spent and enormous positive energy he would bring out of you. Lets celebrate Birthday of this special monk by remembering his message to humanity......Happy youth day.......................

"Truth can be stated in a thousand different ways, yet each one can be true."
"You cannot believe in God until you believe in yourself. "
"The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong. "

"Feel like Christ and you will be a Christ; feel like Buddha and you will be a Buddha. It is feeling that is the life, the strength, the vitality, without which no amount of intellectual activity can reach God."

"The moment I have realized God sitting in the temple of every human body, the moment I stand in reverence before every human being and see God in him -- that moment I am free from bondage, everything that binds vanishes, and I am free."

"It is our own mental attitude which makes the world what it is for us. Our thought make things beautiful, our thoughts make things ugly. The whole world is in our own minds. Learn to see things in the proper light. First, believe in this world -- that there is meaning behind everything. Everything in the world is good, is holy and beautiful. If you see something evil, think that you are not understanding it in the right light. throw the burden on yourselves! "

Congratulations to Jaya Prakash Narayan..

A new chapter has opened in Indian politics.
A new era of true democracy has started.
Dr.Jaya Prakash Narayan (JP) has become India's first democratically elected party president of a political party. He won the presidential elections held in the Loksatta party in Andhra Pradesh.
The true democratic manner in which the party elected its president has set new precedence in what has become "family owned and operated political party democracy" in India. Unfortunately, sensation savvy Indian media did give little importance to this important milestone in Indian politics.
True democracy is the only solution to elect able and stable governments who will fulfill the aspirations of billion plus people. Existing political parties who have been ruling the country for the past 50 years have unfortunately become family kingdoms. This is a not good for real democratic principles whereby the best get to lead the parties and so the country.
Lok satta, which is the brainchild of JP himself, had been proponent of clean politics. JP himself stood for election to presidency along with two more party members for the post of president. Can we even dream to have such elections in other parties in India ?
Loksatta may be lacking media limelight due to its "clean" message. Media always wants to give its very important front pages to sensational news and printing irresponsible statements of irresponsible politicians. Time has come to give Indian public a break from their sensational propaganda and start encouraging real discussion and motivation to countrymen towards real democracy, which is what dreamt by India's freedom fighters and martyrs.
Let democracy blossom.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year 2009..

Dear friends,
May there be a shower of happiness, tsunami of joy and heartful of memorable moments
in this New Year 2009.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stock pics..

Economies of almost all countries are slowing due to global financial crisis. Per recent "official endorsement" , US economy is in recession (GDP shrinking instead of growing) starting December 2007. Finally ! its official. There are already several theories (as always) about depth and length of the ongoing economic recession. Many people already hate the term "Wall street". Numerous conservative radio talk hosts across the country have started arguing demerits of Capitalism. While no question things are bad..are they really that worse ? Is the world coming to an end ? Well, may be not. Or may be not "so soon" ! (considering Al Gore's Global warming prediction of increased CO2 levels causing global demise)....BTW, I admire Al Gore for his efforts in bringing worldwide awareness about Global warming.
While I too suffered setbacks from recent market meltdown (Of course, everyone gets impacted directly or indirectly).. I would think there are real good investing opportunities out there in equity markets considering last several months of "over selling". Remember, humans always "over react" ! That's why pundits think there exist wild swings of booms and busts. I don't claim to be anywhere close to market experts.. But, I thought I would share few companies I thought have little longer term future and their current stock prices are well worth ownership for potential gains. Below are 10 decent picks along with their recent values.
Again, the disclaimer is : Do your own research and pick your winning horses (if any)...
Good Luck ! :-)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

విశ్వశాంతి వర్ధిల్లాలి..

మిత్రులారా, మానవత్వం మరచి ముష్కరులు సాగించిన ముంబై మారణకాండ ని
ముక్త కంఠంతో ఖండిద్దాం..
గుండె ధైర్యం దండిగా ..చావు ని సైతం లెక్క చెయ్యక .. వెన్ను చూపని పోరాటంతో ..

ఆగంతకుల ఆట కట్టిన .. సాహస వీరులకిదే ..శత కొటి జోహార్లు.. సహస్ర కోటి వందనాలు..

సర్వేజనా సుఖినోభవంతు ...

రవి దాట్ల

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu.....In the wake of Mumbai attacks...

Global citizens across the world are shocked with the cruel acts of terrorists in Mumbai last week.

I would like to kick start my blogging by paying tributes and deep condolences to one and all effected by this unacceptable and intolerable acts of the bunch of brain-washed (animals !).
My heart goes to all the brave men and women who fought with those mad perpetrators to save thousands of lives by sacrificing their own lives.

There is NO (simply NO) place for such acts of taking innocent lives.
Even if anyone gives Zillion reasons... there is NO place for such acts in humanity.
Let peace and harmony be prevailed on this wonderful God creation called Earth.

As we quote from ancient Sanskrit Vedas..
SARVEJANA SUKHINOBHAVANTU (Let all humans live in peace and prosperity).