Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stock pics..

Economies of almost all countries are slowing due to global financial crisis. Per recent "official endorsement" , US economy is in recession (GDP shrinking instead of growing) starting December 2007. Finally ! its official. There are already several theories (as always) about depth and length of the ongoing economic recession. Many people already hate the term "Wall street". Numerous conservative radio talk hosts across the country have started arguing demerits of Capitalism. While no question things are bad..are they really that worse ? Is the world coming to an end ? Well, may be not. Or may be not "so soon" ! (considering Al Gore's Global warming prediction of increased CO2 levels causing global demise)....BTW, I admire Al Gore for his efforts in bringing worldwide awareness about Global warming.
While I too suffered setbacks from recent market meltdown (Of course, everyone gets impacted directly or indirectly).. I would think there are real good investing opportunities out there in equity markets considering last several months of "over selling". Remember, humans always "over react" ! That's why pundits think there exist wild swings of booms and busts. I don't claim to be anywhere close to market experts.. But, I thought I would share few companies I thought have little longer term future and their current stock prices are well worth ownership for potential gains. Below are 10 decent picks along with their recent values.
Again, the disclaimer is : Do your own research and pick your winning horses (if any)...
Good Luck ! :-)

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