Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sarvejana Sukhinobhavantu.....In the wake of Mumbai attacks...

Global citizens across the world are shocked with the cruel acts of terrorists in Mumbai last week.

I would like to kick start my blogging by paying tributes and deep condolences to one and all effected by this unacceptable and intolerable acts of the bunch of brain-washed (animals !).
My heart goes to all the brave men and women who fought with those mad perpetrators to save thousands of lives by sacrificing their own lives.

There is NO (simply NO) place for such acts of taking innocent lives.
Even if anyone gives Zillion reasons... there is NO place for such acts in humanity.
Let peace and harmony be prevailed on this wonderful God creation called Earth.

As we quote from ancient Sanskrit Vedas..
SARVEJANA SUKHINOBHAVANTU (Let all humans live in peace and prosperity).


lovriends said...

Welcoming your blog..

Couldn't agree with you more on Mumbai attacks..

Expecting more authoritative and informal blogging from you..

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