Monday, January 19, 2009

A historic moment....Messiah of hope..

Yes, change has come to America !
In next few hours, we will see a new president in the office of world's oldest democracy :
Barack H. Obama.
47 year old to be the 44th president of USA. He will be the 1st "non-white" to be the president of USA.
Oh boy, what a privilege to witness these historic moments. What an incredible election to follow for last 20-24 months. World witnessed beauty of democracy during the countless debates and discussions to elect an able and eligible politician into America's highest office. The long and historic election campaign between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain further strengthened the foundations of democracy. One has to commend and admire the great vision and mission the country's forefathers had while establishing a truly time-tested constitution and democratic principles in this country.
During campaign, Mr.Obama had been expressing his liberal views and energetic message of change. Some impressive items on his resume : Gifted Speaker, Lawyer, An Author, Basketball player, Community organizer, successful Senator and a great husband and father. Is it not impressive enough ! As a matter of fact, I am proud to be one of his millions of supporters who contributed in their own little ways to bring a tide of change. In the end, the mandate was crystal clear : People need change from the "hard talking", "war mongering" and "crazy spending" government. Hope he would bring some change and reverse the course to bring the much needed liberal balance to the country and to the World.
Of course, there are real challenges ahead waiting for him !
Multiple wars, terrible economy, rising debt, rising unemployment etc. etc.
Lets congratulate Mr. Obama and wish the best for his time in office.
Only time can tell how this "Messiah of hope" delivered.

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