Sunday, January 11, 2009

Congratulations to Jaya Prakash Narayan..

A new chapter has opened in Indian politics.
A new era of true democracy has started.
Dr.Jaya Prakash Narayan (JP) has become India's first democratically elected party president of a political party. He won the presidential elections held in the Loksatta party in Andhra Pradesh.
The true democratic manner in which the party elected its president has set new precedence in what has become "family owned and operated political party democracy" in India. Unfortunately, sensation savvy Indian media did give little importance to this important milestone in Indian politics.
True democracy is the only solution to elect able and stable governments who will fulfill the aspirations of billion plus people. Existing political parties who have been ruling the country for the past 50 years have unfortunately become family kingdoms. This is a not good for real democratic principles whereby the best get to lead the parties and so the country.
Lok satta, which is the brainchild of JP himself, had been proponent of clean politics. JP himself stood for election to presidency along with two more party members for the post of president. Can we even dream to have such elections in other parties in India ?
Loksatta may be lacking media limelight due to its "clean" message. Media always wants to give its very important front pages to sensational news and printing irresponsible statements of irresponsible politicians. Time has come to give Indian public a break from their sensational propaganda and start encouraging real discussion and motivation to countrymen towards real democracy, which is what dreamt by India's freedom fighters and martyrs.
Let democracy blossom.

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