Friday, February 27, 2009

Jai ho..

Several stars from India rocked Academy awards (Oscars) this week. The movie "Slumdog millionaire" bagged 8 Oscars. Rasool, Rahman and Gulzar are on the list of Oscar winners for their personal talents. Also the movie "Smily pinky" won the Oscar in documentary category. Most notably A.R.Rahman, "the music legend of India", won two Oscars for his music scores.
Even though Rahman scored several better scores before, it needed a movie of "Oscar values" to bring him the winning smiles at Los Angeles. There were some useless controversies raised (as always) about the movie. I don't understand why the critics wont see the movie in a cinematic/artistic sense ? All politicians who never cared about poverty in their backyard suddenly gets offended when a movie pops up showing it. Better they spend their energies in eliminating slums rather than creating useless controversies.
We shall all recall Rahman's words at the stage after winning the Oscar : "In my life, I always had a choice between love and hate and I chose love." Great message to the masses from a great legend of our generation.
Jai ho Rahman, Jai ho Bharat.

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