Thursday, June 4, 2009

Democracy at its best..........

I was planning to post on the results of great month long "marathon" elections in India, the largest democracy in the world.

Finally, it was National Congress Party whose centralist agenda brought them back to power in this election. But, the great thing that happenned to India in these elections is the fact that the mandate was very clear and given almost clear majority to the UPA front led by national party Congress. It was an astonishing and shocking defeat to all opportunists and small regional parties that shall be commended. The ever power hungry and manipulative regional leaders like Deve Gowda, Lalu yadav, Paswan, Mayavathi, Mulayam singh, Chiranjeevi, KCR of telangana rashtra samithi, CPI, CPM, Sharad Pawar, Raj Thackery, Jayalalaitha etc. all have taken much deserved blows.

This is a great (almost) unanimous mandate in the country that has (literally) 100s of religions, 1000s of languages, sects and regions. It is heartening to see such a long marathon elections conducted very peacefully by the election commission. While there still some unclean and tainted politicians who got elected to the parliament, the government in next 5 years would be stable and hopefully deliver the things that benefit the people of India.

While L.K.Advani fought hard to bring his right-wing party BJP to was his parties several blunders of succumbing to regional parties and sacrificing their original nationalist agenda that brought mandate against them. The once home minister shamelessely agreed to divide states like Telangana just to agitate people and come back to Power. People are tired off this dividing politics. This is a fitting lesson to all manipulative politicians.

Finally, commend all the brave officials who conducted their duties across the mountains and small rural villages to make this happen...